In the last two weeks, I have seen two volcanoes and must I say that they were very beautiful sights to see. At Poas, I seen the huge clouds of smoke coming from the top of the volcano. At Irazu, I walked into the huge crater left behind and saw the lagoon. I had a wonderful time on these excursions, I never thought that I would ever get to see a volcano in my lifetime and was glad to have experiemc
4/18/2011 01:45:26 am

Hope you have some great pics of you in the crater of the volcano! Enjoying your blog!

4/29/2011 01:41:35 pm

Que interesante! I'll be here this time next year. So I can't wait to hear all about your trip! Yo vi sus photos de la cascada, muy hermosa. Y diga su amigo Terry hola (we went to the same high school Riverside together) lol. I didnt know he went to Costa Rica. Well have fun and keep telling all ur wonderful stories!


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