San Jose: A Stable Economy

Despite the fact that Costa Rica is a largely algricultural country, the city of San Jose, which is the country's capital has worked hard to become more industrialized. It is strong for its use of technology and tourist attractions. Many businesses have offices in San Jose and many U.S entrprenuers eventually move thier business there as well. In fact, this city has a huge attraction by many Foreign Investors because of its political stabilty, high education levels and tourism. San Jose reaches over one million tourists every year. The best thing is that Ticos (a common name Costa Ricans call themselves) have a very warm and friendly attitude towards tourist, especially U.S citizens. No need to feel unwanted, because they are such nice people that are always welcoming tourists with open arms.

So far I have noticed:
-The people here are extremely friendly
-The streets are filled with many vendors (the outdoor markets are great)
-It quite easy to start a small business here
-This country loves thier slogan "Pura Vida"...its used everywhere

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